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Heavy Equipment Construction for Andrews, TX

Concrete Contractor

Martin’s Inc Services specializes in the use of heavy equipment for a variety of dirt construction jobs and oilfield services. No matter what the size of your project, we use only the finest heavy construction equipment in the industry to get the job done. Some of the most common jobs we work on includes hydro excavation, road reconstruction, site remediation, concrete contractor services, and more. Our dedication to quality service and superior results have​ helped us to become a trusted choice for heavy equipment construction in Andrews, TX and the surrounding areas.

Without proper heavy equipment and a crew that knows how to operate it efficiently, essential dirt construction services like road boring and concrete work would be much more difficult to undertake. When you hire Martin's Inc., you can rest assured you'll be working with trusted and skilled project managers and roustabout crews who will work hard to complete your project to your exact specifications. Our experts are highly trained and certified to handle heavy equipment construction for a variety of projects. We're proud to serve job sites across Midland, TX; Big Spring, TX; Kermit, TX; Lubbock, TX; Seminole, TX; Odessa, TX; and Jal, NM. Contact us today to discuss your project needs!



Martin’s Inc. also provides hydrovac services as part of our expert oilfield services. When It comes to hauling water or hydro excavation services for your oilfield or construction site, our vacuum truck services are an essential part of ensuring a successful day. Vacuum trucks are used to dispose of water and waste during oilfield operations. They also help pump oil and other liquids through the vacuum line as part of the extraction process during pumping. When you need assistance with your oilfield or construction site, count on Martin’s Inc. for professional vacuum truck services to help you safely pump oil, water, and other liquids at your job site.

We're well-equipped to handle all aspects of heavy equipment construction. From site remediation to hydro excavation, large-scale dirt construction, and commercial oilfield services, our concrete contractor has you covered. We can supply the most reliable heavy-duty construction equipment in the industry. To get started on your dirt construction or oilfield job, call on Martin’s Inc. today!